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Prêmio Latin America Awards 2016

Terra Brasis Resseguros

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  • R E I N S U R E R


We are a local reinsurance company formed in September 20th, 2010, with SUSEP - Brazilian Insurance Superintendence final license and operations launched in October 4th, 2012.

The name TERRA BRASIS is a tribute to our origin and our business region. Historical studies show the use of the expression “THE BRASIS” to indentify all of those living in our country in the years following its discovery. Chosen as the name of our company, “TERRA BRASIS” can be understood either as “PEOPLE OF OUR LAND” or as “LAND OF OUR PEOPLE”.

The word “REINSURANCE” represents our activity. It is not, for most people, a commonly-known activity. Sometimes called as “the insurance of the Insurance Companies”, reinsurance operations allow the Insurance Companies to share their risks. Transferring part of them to the reinsurers, the insurance companies may maintain their growth and offer at reasonable prices the most advanced insurance to individuals and to corporations, contributing to the economic development of our country.

TERRA BRASIS RESSEGUROS is a reinsurance company that has started with tradition. The company is formed by Brazilian capital and management, has large expertise in the local market, is driven to reinsurance operations in Brazil, and aims to fulfill the needs of the Brazilian insurance market, contributing and supporting insurance companies so they are able to provide the best services to their clients.