Idealized and incorporated by a group of national investors and executives, the company has as shareholders and managers a team with long experience and deep knowledge of financial markets and the activities of insurance and reinsurance.

With a wide range of experience from its directors and officers and from Brasil Plural Financial Group, its major shareholder, and IFC – International Finance Corporation, TERRA BRASIS RESSEGUROS, adds to the Brazilian and Latin America Market an efficient and modern reinsurance operation, both at the scope of the reinsurance operation as well as in the investment and risk management.

Operating solely in reinsurance, focused in the Brazilian and Latin America market and without corporate links to insurance groups, TERRA BRASIS RESSEGUROS is acquainted with the market peculiarities, capable of agile decision making processes and committed to the development of the country, serving in a wide, solid and dynamic manner all lines of business and any necessity of the Brazilian and Latin America insurance market.


The name TERRA BRASIS is a tribute to our origin and our acting region. Historical studies indicate  the use of the expression “OS BRASIS” to identify all of those living in our country in the years following its discovery. Chosen as the name of our company, “TERRA BRASIS” can be understood either as “PEOPLE OF OUR LAND” or as “LAND OF OUR PEOPLE”. 

The word “REINSURANCE” represents our activity. It is not, for most people, a commonly known activity. Sometimes called as “the insurance of the Insurance Companies”, reinsurance operations allow Insurance Companies to share their risks. By transferring part of them to the reinsurers, the insurance companies may maintain their growth and offer, at reasonable prices, the most advanced products to individuals and corporations, contributing, therefore, to the economic development of our country.


TERRA BRASIS receives the “Latin America Reinsurance Deal of the Year” award from Reactions Magazine, for the issuance of ILS Alpha Terra Validus I
TERRA BRASIS issues its first ILS (Insurance Linked Securities), in partnership with Validus Group and AlphaCat Managers
TERRA BRASIS inaugurate its first representative office outside Brazil in Bogota, Colombia.
TERRA BRASIS receives the “Brazilian Reinsurer of the Year” award from Reactions Magazine, a publication specialized in insurance and reinsurance markets
TERRA BRASIS begins to expand, crossing borders to Latin America
Signs the PSI – Principles for Sustainable Insurance, a global sustainability framework and initiative of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative.
TERRA BRASIS begins its operations with a paid-in capital of BRL 100 million to underwrite all line of business within reinsurance market, with assorted retentions aligned to its capital structure
International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, made public its intention to be a minority shareholder. It proves the competence and the high governance standards developed in TERRA BRASIS RESSEGUROS.
Brasil Plural Group and Paulo Botti sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)



TERRA BRASIS RESSEGUROS’ mission is to be the preferred option for the brazilian and latin america market. Sharing with them challenges and projects and partnering in good and bad moments, TERRA BRASIS RESSEGUROS offers innovative solutions for the brazilian and latin america market and adds knowledge and qualified service, responsibility in the management of risks and the highest standards of corporate governance.



Officers and Managers

Rodrigo Botti

Chief Executive Officer

Bernardo Nolasco

Chief Investment Officer

Paulo Hayakawa

Chief Underwriting Officer

Hernan Moreno

Regional Head

Acauy Saracchini

IT Manager

Eduardo Povoa

Controlling Manager

Board of Directors

Rodolfo Riechert


André Schwartz

Vice President

Carlos Roberto De Zoppa

Luiz Chrysostomo de Oliveira Filho

Paulo Eduardo de Freitas Botti